headed to northern Calif Coast..any suggestions ???

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Mar 28, 2006
My wife and I are planning on spending several week on the northern Calif. Coast.  I enjoy fishing, sal****er and stream/river.  Would like to see the redwoods and other points of interest.  we have a 30' 5er.

any suggestions on were to stay, what to see, what not to miss ???

Carl L

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Mar 14, 2005
west Los Angeles
Must sees?  Ft. Ross and  Mendicino over on CA-1.  Be aware that the roads are narrow and switchbacked.  When traveling on CA-1 you will find northbound to be much less nerve wracking -- you will be on the inside of the turns next to the mountain, instead of next to the cliffs.  The nicest trailer park on the run is the Poma park, up at Ft. Bragg.  Go there and drop your fiver and tour in your truck.  Ocean fishing is off rocks and shingle beaches.  The beaches are safer.

Up at Eureka there are a KOA and another park rated 9/9/9 in Trailer Life.  I actually prefer the KOA which is set in a grove and sheltered from the winds.  The 9/9/9 park is a Wuthering Heights and Eureka does have cold breezes.    Whilst at Eureka, check out the Samoa Cookhouse for breakfast one morning.  Be hungry when you arrive.  Also check out the cheese factory at Loleta.  Beautiful countryside and the cheese is good too.  Tjhe Blue Ox Sash Mill is worth a tour.  And downtown Eureka is fun.

Redwoods are there in proliferation.  You will drive thru about a hundred miles of the things along US101.

You will need a California fishing license even for ocean fishing.  If you do not have one, inquire at the local tackle stores.



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May 14, 2005
Port Reyes is very cool. Redwoods are amazing, not to be missed. Mike and I did a Hwy 101 drive a few years ago, visiting all the lighthouses along the northern California and Oregon coasts.....very nice, very cool, wildflowers, trees, wildlife, history. It was July, we were never warm, the scenery was incredible, and it was never exceptionally cloudy and misty.


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Jun 16, 2006
When in northern California we alsways like to stay at the Kamper Korral in Klamath, CA.  From the bluffs at the mouth of the river you can watch whales feeding.  We have seen osprey catching eels in the surf and there are lots of fishermen in the river near the campground.  The redwoods are nearby and the jet boat up the river is a trip worth your time.

Dave and Teresa

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May 15, 2005
Also if you want to make a loop instead of going north and south on 101 a nice cross over is around the Bandon, Ore area going into Grants Pass and down I-5 into the Mt.Shasta area. Would reccomend Lake Siskiyou Campground but have reservations! Great stream fishing in the McCloud River and Sacramento River.
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