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Dec 12, 2005
Eastern Iowa Flatlander
Hello to everyone here on this wonderful forum. I have been reading for some time but for whatever reason never became a member. Dawn and I live in Eastern Iowa, I'm retired she isn't. Last month we ordered a new Cardinal 29RK LE and it should be delivered around Christmas time. Yes, a Christmas gift to us both. Our Christmas lists to the kids (all grown and gone) included all kinds of camping/rv goodies, they couldn't really understand but we said 'hay' it's stuff we will be needing and using, so why not. We will be weekenders for camping, been boating for years and now will stay for the weekend or week and relax and boat when everyone else leaves to go to work (boohoo). DW works 45 miles from our home but ten miles from the camp site, so we'll save enough in gas money to pay for the camping. Of course, in Eastern Iowa, we won't be camping until spring but that's OK, we love snowmobiling also.

Can't thank everyone enough on this forum for the info I've learned from the experienced Rv'er. Hope to learn more.

Merry Christmas to all, Doug & Dawn


Jan 13, 2005
Doug and Dawn,

Congratulations on that wonderful Christmas gift you're giving yourselves. It must be very exciting. Don't forget to post a photo of the Cardinal here when it arrives.

Glad to hear you've found some useful information here and glad you decided to join the forum. Looking forward to your participation.


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Jan 29, 2005
Home is where we park it
Doug & Dawn,

Welcome to the RV Forum and congratulations on the new Cardinal.  I'm sure you will have many great travels with it.
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