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Oct 19, 2005
Hello!? I am new to this forum and so far absolutely love the info on it.

I am a mother of two children (7.5 & 4.5), one DH and we are looking for a TT to use for my daughter and I to use while we travel to dog agility competitions on the weekends.? Also we will of course us it for family weekends and vacations.

We are in the process of trying to figure out just exactly what would suit our needs the best.? We went TT shopping this
last weekend and was overwhelmed with all of the choices.? Looking for something between 18-28 ft.? Am a little afraid of any
slide-outs as I will be by myself alot with just my daughter.? Also want only hard-sides around us for security reasons as some of the agility show sites are just at a horse barn.

Have a Suburban 1500 and have pulled horse trailers and campers in the past, so am not afraid to pull by myself at all.

Thanks for any input!

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