Hello from CA- We're buying our first RV

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Sep 8, 2006
Hello, we are new to this community. We are shopping around for our first RV and seem to have narrowed it down to the Alpha-See Ya or Gulfstream-Tourmaster, new 2006. We would appreciate any information you have on them. We also like National and Newmar coaches. We have noticed prices vary greatly and salesman are less than honest... any input on getting the best price and not getting taken to the cleaners?? ???

Thanks, D & L
There was a recent discussion on the Alpha products.? You can use the search function to find more.? Hopefully, I linked this correctly.


Two years ago, we purchased a "gently used" 2000 Newmar Mountain Aire DP and are very impressed with the quality of the unit.

Thank you for the timely link and the information.... looks like Alfa is not the way to go.

We liked Newmar MHs as well, what do you think about the Kountry (why did they have to misspell it?) Star?
Also.... are all MH salesman crooked? Any site on line to look at RV invoices?
We looked at the used MH available at the dealership at the time and did not inspect the Kountry Star.  We dealt with a dealer we like but we had been using their service folks for several years when we had an Airstream TT.  They are in Raphine, VA (Koogler RV Sales and Service).  They are family owned and operated.

Other folks here may be able to give you ideas on where to find RV invoices.  You can go to www.nada.com and get some values like you can a car. 

When we were doing our research before buying our Mountain Aire, we looked at the NADA (need to know what options so you can compare apples to apples) and we looked at the number of online sites that sell motorhomes and finding ones with the same floorplant and options to see what the asking prices were.

Don't know on the spelling but they have a Kountry Klub you can join and their website welcomes you to Newmar Kountry.

Hope this helps!!

Thank you for your help. Do you by any chance have any information on the Holiday Rambler coaches?
Holiday Rambler are excellent coaches as are Monaco, American Tradition and Dream, as well as Newmar products.  Gulfstream is not really one of the more well recieved uniits in my opion.  Depends really on what you are looking for and how you are going to use it.  If just for vacationing I'd go gas. for long distance and extended use go diesel.  How big a unit are you after and are you towing  toad.  All these things add up in trying to assist you in a comfort zone.  Even as too how big. and where will you be traveling.  Many different combos out there for your decisions. We can all advise and assist, but the final decision is your.  Also have you ever owned an RV before? Many many thing to consider.
Among those you named I would pick the Newmar units as best for for quality or design and construction.  Have looked at the new Tourmaster, though, and can readily understand why you are interested in it.

Have heard negative things about Gulfstream around here, but the couple of Gulfstream owners I have actually spoken to were and are happy owners.  No brand is 100% good or 100% bad and every one of them has at least a few owners (or ex-owners) with horrible war stories about their experience with the products and service. Unfortunately there is a certain amount of luck (good or bad) involved with each new unit.
I have yet to talk to a gulfstream owner that has not had serious problems and has indicated they would purchase another Gulfstream product.  Now this doesn't mean that every GS owner has had similar experience it is just I have not met a  GS owner that hasn't had serious problems and was happy with his GS.
...has indicated they would purchase another Gulfstream product

Ron - would purchase or would not purchase?
D2 said:
...has indicated they would purchase another Gulfstream product

Ron - would purchase or would not purchase?

I have yet to talk to a Gulfstream owner that has indicated they would buy another GS
Thanks, Ron for the clarification.  I re-read your original post and discovered I read it wrong the first time.

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