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Feb 25, 2013
Hello everyone, 8)

New guy here, been lurking for a while. I joined the site in need of help and thought it was cool to see how helpful and knowledgeable everyone was. A little about myself if i may. I have a 2002 Coleman Fleetwood camper, Pop-up, got it about a year ago...Love it!....most of the time... :eek:. I am also into vintage Volkswagens and have been for nearly 20 years... I have a lifted Toyota Tacoma Pre-Runner that i tow the pop-up with. Tows very well. My wife and child and I love cruising up and down the Florida coast camping and riding bikes... Lots of time spent in the Keys and at Disney... Anyhow, enough about me... on to the camper.

When we bought it, the guy that sold it to us was really nice, and very knowledgeable about the camper, however, it came with problems that maybe he didn't mention or know about...

When i popup and set EVERYTHING up, all is well. I plug into sites with "shore" power, problem is, the lights and little gas/smoke alarm randomly come off and on... like it has a mind of its own. All the while, the fridge works, AC works and outlets work.
I have not charged the battery since we bought it.
Sometimes the lights work for several hours and then they shut off, and sometimes just a and hour after i plug in. ALWAYS with a little beep from the alarm, possibly low voltage?
I already changed the breaker out and checked the connections in the "control center".

Any help would be GREAT, I can give any detailed info needed, i consider myself a very handy guy, but i am at wits end, trying to enjoy a pop-up and random beeping in the middle of the night wakes up baby :-\... Thanks so much Folks!

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