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Jul 28, 2018
Metro Detroit, MI
Hello - We are avid campers in the Metro Detroit area (Michigan) and we are buying out 2nd camper, hopefully today.  We have had a pop up for about 6 years (2012 Coachman Clipper Sport 106) and just found a really cute hard shell and I couldn't be more excited to evolve to a 'hard shell'. 

I'm excited to dig in to the forums and get some questions answered and chat with new Camping people - Have a great day!!


John From Detroit

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Apr 12, 2005
Davison Michigan
YOu might notice my screen name (John FROM Detroit, used to be IN Detroit).

I'm now in St. Clair.. What and where are you buying?

What do you think are the odds we talked? (Higher than you know) I used to be a State Police Dispatcher answering cellular 9-1-1 calls down at the regional dispatch center.

If you take up the offer to visit either Thousand Trails. St. Clair or Outdoor Adventure Lakershore (Davison) let me knwo in a PM  or E-Mail and we can say HI.
I'm in St. Clair right now but will be back in Davision in about 1.45 weeks.. When there I can be found most mornings having Park coffee in the dome  playing 2 computers (really 3) at one time.

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