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Mar 19, 2013
Just found this site a few weeks ago. I regularly view several other sites and look forward to learning all can from other's experiences.  For those who recognize my login from other sites you may remember we have just moved up to a Class A after 12 years in a Class C.  So far the experience has been the 90 mile drive home from the dealer with a practice gas stop.  My daughter pointed out that out faithful C is now refered to as the "little" one.  Quite the difference between a 29' C (Gulfstream Ultra) and a 37' A (Bounder 36Z) in ride, vision, living space, CCC, amenities, workmanship, no rear window, boondocking capabilities..........and manuvering!  I just hope I can get over the stressed feeling of not having a spare tire onboard.  I keep saying its only 11" taller and the back will follow the front but boy it seems huge.  So, glad to be here, wish me luck and I look forward to reading other's posts.
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