Hello world and how I got a Class C

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Aug 11, 2018
New to Class C ownership, not to rvs or even camping. I grew up in the Class A world, learned to drive one at 15 as part of my "learners permit" driving period, and got to do a fair amount of driving at 16 in the Suncrest, towing a car even. And that's been, 21 yrs ago. Learned all about things that go pear shaped and how much a hassle they can be for repairs if you are not mechanically inclined, and even if you are what hassle they are at times. 

For a while I had a pop up bought a year after my SUV purchase, enjoyed a few years and then it had a nice rodent party and trashed every single cushion there was in there. Which made me sad as I loved my little Jayco 1008SG from 1986, it towed so nice, wasn't fancy but had what I needed and wanted.  I sat camperless for eh...been 3 years now since rodent party, to much damage to be financially smart on repair though there was a 400 dollars worth of repairs done to cushions, but stench removal failed. 

So after realizing my 2000 Ford Expedition really has a light GCVW, even though its got plenty of power to tow just about anything, I nixed my smaller TT idea. I had been playing around with a cargo trailer idea and just putting in what I wanted, which was going to be a counter up in the V nose with hot plate, fridge, and a primo water cooler thing, no need to put in bathroom stuff, never used a shower in a RV in all the years I've ever been in one, and always like the walk to whatever park or campground bathroom anyways. I was going to pull out the furnace from my pop up, and the power pack and 30 amp breaker box and lifeline and install that, kind of upcycle into the cargo trailer. After factoring in all I'd be spending and working, I decided the heck with that, though it would be a fun project, I got other things to do.

So I bought an Itasca Spirit, 27 ft, while its from 1991, the people that had it before me were meticulous, the inside looks like it rolled off the assembly line. outside is in great shape, some decal peeling which is normal for its age. Drives nice and has, the holy grail of things I miss, a FOOT SWITCH for the headlight dimmer. Of all the things to be excited about, that was it.  They had also replaced out all tires 2 yrs ago, fridge and furnace were replaced as well, and shockingly, the dash air works. I don't think I've ever driven a RV that has the dash air work(or if it does that it actually helps any in cooling the driver and navigator), and a brand new Dometic awning.

So, I have a lil Itasca on the Ford E-350 with the 460 engine, except its as big as the Class A I learned to drive in, and is only 4 yrs newer model then that Class A, but age doesn't bug me, she's hardly broke in at 44k, and since she's as big as that ol Class A, I guess she isn't little.

So, that's my journey to Class C ownership. Image is seller's picture, I haven't taken an exterior picture of it, or if I did I didn't transfer off my camera.  Hopefully will be taking it for a short camping trip latter in September, have some photography I'd like to do, and a little trip sounds nice. Sorry for being long winded, and hope ya'll are having a wonderful day/night.



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Feb 22, 2016
Hi and welcome to the forum.

I hope you don't mind but I spaced out your detailed introduction to make it a bit easier to read. 

Good to have another voice of experience to add to the mix.  Congratulations on your new purchase I hope you have many happy hours travelling in it!!  You can add in your rigs details to your signature via your Profile.

Safe travels.
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