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Jan 21, 2013

I have recently bought a second Georgie Boy RV, which was registrered in Northern Ireland.

I have been told by the DVLA that it has to be reg'd on a "Q" plate, which is a non age related mark.

DVLA advised me that if I could prove the year of its build, I could be issued with an age related mark.

I spent quite a few emails to and from various US depts and finally recieved an email confirming that my Ford stripped chassis was produced on Nov. 5th 2001.

DVLA didn't like this because "it was an email not an original copy".

So, back onto Ford US who kindly sent me via post, an "original" copy!!

DVLA has now said it requires "proof" of build date from the coach builders.

Email Georgie Boy ( who is Coachman) to be told that as Georgie Boy are no longer in busissness, there are no longer any records.

Is there anybody who knows where I can get such information??

Or has any other ideas of how I can solve this issue??

Unfortunatley, the DVLA do not like to remove "Q" plates once they have been issued.

So far I have a letter from Ford US stating that the stripped chassis was built on Nov 5th 2001, sold to the coach builder on Feb 25th 2002 and the warranty started on 3rd July 2002.

The official Georgie Boy label, attached to the inside of the drivers side, is not "proof" either as "anyone could make one of those"

I have also been onto ( I no this is not the official DMV site) and carried out a AutoCheck Vehicle History Report, which confirms all I already know.

Any help would be extremely welcome.


Hi Justin, this is a long shot, but ...

Do you by chance have any other documents that might have been left in the coach, e.g. there may be a packet or binder of manuals. It's remotely possible that the original owner left the original registration in there; Here in California, it's a single sheet of paper called a "registration card", and includes the model year and date originally sold. The registration card is actually a temporary document which gets replaced by a "certificate of title", also a single sheet of paper, and containing the same information. The title certificate is our equivalent of what used to be called the log book in the UK (see edit below).

Similarly, the original owner might have put the "sticker" in there. The "sticker", in the case of an RV, is often just a loose printed sheet of paper produced by the coach manufacturer, and not "stuck" to the window, as is the practice for cars. It will include the chassis and engine information, in addition to all the options installed during the build, and the original manufacturer's suggested retail price. Unfortunately, the sticker doesn't include any dates, but I was recently successful in getting the DMV to accept info on the sticker to correct an error in the original title.

If all else fails, we have an article in our forum library on Overcoming UK registration problems, but don't take it too seriously.

Edit: Although the term 'log book' is still in use on the DVLA web site, it appears they also use the terms 'V5C' and 'vehicle registration certificate', and all three terms appear to be used interchangeably.
Forgot to mention that I have a contact at the DVLA, and I'll see if they can help shed some light on the general issue. Unfortunately, they work on the driving licence side of things, and may not be able to help. No promises though.
Hi Tom
Thanks for the reply.

I have looked in the paperwork folder that came with  the RV, and there is every bit of paper that is 'sposed to be there.

I hope your contact can help.

I have also emailed the DMV in Grafton MA as they are listed as the first place of Reg.

I hope they can help.

Apart from anything that will help me!!!



Can you decipher this for me??

Into English terms  :D



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I've never seen one of those reports. Where did it come from? I'm having to read between the lines &/or guess on some of the line items, but here goes (remember we write our dates 'backwards'):

The November 14, 2001 date is when the coach left the factory for delivery to the dealer. It doesn't show the original registration, but shows a 'renewal' on July 11,2002 and the title (log book) being issued/changed on July 26, 2002, April 9, 2004, etc. Each one of these title 'events' suggests a change of ownership.

The first 'event' at 1,069 miles may or may not be the first owner (after buying from the dealer). That first 1,069 miles may be the distance driven from the factory to the dealer, or may include miles driven by the dealer taking the coach to RV shows, for example.

Maybe someone else who has seen these 'vehicle history reports' before can help further clarify the contents.

Meanwhile, the DMV in Grafton should be able to give you a copy of the original registration.
Does the vin number not give you the year of manufacture.

Contact last known owner, and see if he still has the last vehicle registration, or the last Insurance policy issued against the vehicle. The insurance company might be able to send you a letter confirming that they had insured the vehicle and that your vehicle Vin # conforms to the date of manufacture as declared by you. Most of our insurance companies issue a Identification card containing the year of manufacture, VIN # and the policy # as well as the name of the insured driver.

Both of my coaches have identification plates riveted to frame in the engine compartment area giving the date of manufacture of the coach.

It sounds like you are trying to deal with the south end of a north bound Jackass.


Good suggestion Lee. However, the coach was exported from the US to Ireland, and Justin has bought it after it was imported to mainland UK.
If it were Montana, the state has all the title information.  I wonder if he would do better dealing with the MA state registration office rather than the local one in Stratton.
Alan, the VIN number applies to the chassis, not the coach build, which is what Jason Justin is trying to determine.

AlanT said:
Does the vin number not give you the year of manufacture.

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