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Jan 16, 2013
Hi everyone, i'm in the market for a travel trailer or 5th wheel, the only catch is that I will be living in it full time, and I have a budget of 25K.

I need something that can handle the summer heat and humidity, along with winter temperatures that go can sometimes get down into the teens.

I know I need something 4 seasons rated, but am not sure what companies have models that are 4 seasons rated.

I will be living by myself, so I don't need anything huge, but I don't want to feel cramped either.

If anyone has any input/suggestions, please let me know!

A fifth wheel will give you a lot more storage space. Also, it will have as much living space as a TT that is about 4 feet longer. If you have the truck, that would be the way to go.

Your budget will limit FW choices and you may find that you can be just as happy in a TT and use an existing TV rather than having to buy a truck large enough to haul the FW you want. I use the truck for work so the FW was a no brainer for me.
Arctic Fox and Lance both claim they are 4 season and I think that Montana claims the same. There are several others that will jump on the band wagon also but I think you really need to be careful with the claim "4 Season". We own a RV park in Central Oregon and we have found that none of the trailers can make it through really cold weather without some help. Motorhomes seem to do a little better but will still need some help in the really cold stuff. If you get a trailer with good insulation ratings, a heated under belly and have the plumbing run inside so it is kept warm you have done the best you can do. The rest is in how well you prep it for the condition IMHO.
I went through the same search a couple years ago and understand your frustration...BTW - my budget was much smaller. I decided to go 5th wheel for several reasons.

[list type=decimal]
[*]I wanted a separate bed - not having to drop the dinette every night to sleep...5th wheel offers that even in very small sizes and trust me I think I have the smallest ever made...18.5 feet.
[*]Easier towing with more control. I bumper pulled a zillion boats from big to small over the years so towing wasn't new to me, but once i towed a 5th wheel I would never go back to a bumper pull.
[/list]Now that I have spent a year in my trailer - here is what I am missing in my little unit - STORAGE! My unit doesn't have the basement feature so many have and my next one will have that. Everything else is fine.

Good luck, it is amazing how little space you actually "live in", so keep it small and easy to tow, you will travel more and enjoy it more!

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