help with partial interior ceiling replacement (refurb)

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Apr 7, 2013
Hello, I'm new to this site found it after acquiring a free 83 Winnie Brave, even though everything works and I drove it home it had been sitting for about 5 years. Unknown to the owners it was leaking in the front drivers corner and the rear same side. I went ahead and took out the drop down bed and tore out the paneling and foamboard from the ceiling and the paneling on that side, I did the same in the rear. (I also ripped out all carpet from front to rear) Can any one tell me if new stuff that goes back up is just glued to the aluminum roof? what holds it up? It looks as though there is a 1x3 or something running on top of the frame on the sides, I plan on replacing back to good wood. I will have many questions to come so in advance THANK YOU. I will be getting some pics as soon as my son shows me how.
The roof and walls are what is referred to as thermobonded panels, with the components glued together under pressure. They can be glued back after a good cleaning. What you have is luan glued to the metal roof, then the blue board insulation glued to the luan, then another luan glued to the blue board. They can be re-glued using contact cement (the brush-on type works best.) Be forewarned that contact cement will melt many styrofoam insulations. I am told that Winnebago solves this problem by coating the blue board with Elmer's glue first, then letting it dry, then painting on the contact cement. Just be sure everything is very clean and perfect before joining, because the cc is instant grab. I am short on time right now, but will try to give you more pointers later. Hope this helps. Above all, don't do anything until you get those leaks fixed.
Thanks all information is appreciated. and 10-4 on fixing the leaks I just backed it in the shop to start on the roof this weekend.
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