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Jun 30, 2005
hi we are in Florida and from the u.k.,just purchased an rv and are on the road for The first time from sat 4th march!! is there any help or guidance you can give me as to camp grounds over the next 3 weeks preferably gulf coast or south of cocoa till i can sought out whats best to join because at present I'm confused to what is what from coast to coast / r.p.i / passport America and thousand trails? etc etc,look forward? to any advice you can help us with
Regards Lynda

Jim Dick

Moderator Emeritus
Feb 11, 2005
Titusville, FL
Hi Lynda,

Where are you located now? We are in Titusville, just north of Cocoa. Perhaps we could talk about your concerns. The Gulf Coast and Cocoa are on opposite sides of Florida. Do NOT join any campground groups until you discuss them here on the forum. We belong to Passport America which has worked well for us. Other organizations may charge a huge entrance fee and then make you keep paying forever, even if you no longer are on the road!!!



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Oct 30, 2005
Former fulltimer, Mesquite, TX
Passport America is the bargain of all bar gins! It costs only $44 per year and it gets you 1/2 price for a nights stay at many campgrounds in most areas of the country. It took us only two weeks to recover more than the cost of our membership. There really isn't much that pays of that quickly.

Coast to Coast, Resort Parks Int. (RPI) Thousand Trails and most of the others are campground associations that require that you join some "home" park first and that you will have to sell if you ever hope to stop paying. It is possible that you could save money with one of those, but only if you use it a lot and if you have some way to sell it when you are finished.
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