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Nov 8, 2012
Hey, I'm Len & my other half is Gretchen. We aren't really newbies, been camping/traveling with TT, tent, truck camper & motorcycle over the last 30 years. We're thinkin its time to find a class A & live in it as we travel. This will most likely be the last move we make. We both listened to our parents dreams of travel as soon as the kids were grown! Well I'm 65 both of our parents are long dead & they NEVER got the chance to follow their dreams, we want to do it for them! We have been looking for a used class A off & on for the last few years, undecided on gas or diesel. The time is passing faster & faster as we get older, the kids are gone & there is nothing to stop us from following our dream. We are by no means rich but we have managed to put back enough to buy a used coach & have what we think should be enough to last the rest of our days as long as we are careful.  We would be most appreciative of any input on what year & type coach would have the best reputation when it comes to reliability, comfort & maintenance. Lookin for ward to reading more on the boards here. LnG


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Aug 23, 2006
Vancouver, Washington
Welcome! There are lots of opinions on issues such as which is the best coach. You will probably learn more as you surf around the various relevant topics already discussed here, and look as motorhomes at shows, rallies, etc., even just walk around a campground and talk with folks. Common wisdom seems to suggest that quite a few manufacturers may make a good coach from time to time, but also some clinkers. Quality control and customer service aren't widely present in the industry, at least as far as I've seen. So, when you find one you like, have an RV expert check it thoroughly.

Lots of folks look for floor plan first. We felt that an older, higher-end diesel motorhome was a good choice for fulltiming over the years (2003 Country Coach Magna Resort 42' -- but CC is out of business now...). They tend to be made of stronger stuff in many ways, but can have complexities, too, and can be more expensive to maintain and fix. Anyway, good luck and good hunting!
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