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Feb 14, 2013
Growing up my family always had a motor home and we travelled frequently and having 5 siblings it was a true Brady bunch experience. Next week the tradition continues atleast for me. I am taking possession of a 1992 gulfstream sun voyager diesel pusher. I only bought it because of the engine and transmission as it has very low miles. The coach has obviously never been stored inside and never had any interior updates. So, this is exactly what I was looking for. I am a tile and granite contractor and light remodeler with many friends with different backgrounds for rehab of this coach. This spring the exterior will get new paint, lighting and a modern headlight and taillight refit and a new two tone paint job and vinyl graphics package. The interior will be completely gutted with new cabinetry, leather upholstery, high end carpet, tile floors, stone tile backsplash, and a stone shower surround , vinyl ceiling, and led can lights shades leather valances, flat screen tv's, high end audio and video unit, dash refit and washer/dryer.  I am planning on initially using it to go on short trips such as tailgating, weekend road trips, and staying in it when I have jobs away from my home base. Eventually I am going to go to fla for the winters and ultimately travel across the US working as I go. It has been a reoccurring dream for the last several years. I hope to start posting my progress in the remodeling section soon. Thanks and greetings to all!! Chris
Wow, Eddie, that is going to be some remodeling job! Be sure to take pictures, before, during and after, and post them so we can watch as your project comes along.

One work of caution: watch how much weight you are adding - older motorhomes are often short on GVWR and that stone & tile is going to add a lot of lbs.
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