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Feb 21, 2013
Hi guys my name is Tim, new here as of yesterday, went from never owning a any type of camper to living in one full time at the begining of this year, i wish i would of found this site alot sooner i think it would of saved me alot of headaches over the past two months!
thanks.... my black tank valve was unfroze or unstuck when i got home today, so hopefully a day or two of the chemicals in there will help the poo pyrmiad i have going, i got a liquid chemical by camco called tst, is that a pretty good one or is there a better one i could get next time?
I personally will not use holding tank chemicals. They tend to make the tank stink.  For your poopie hill, get some Rid-x and put that in your tank after you flush out the TST. The Rid-x will literally eat the solids and break it up.

Rid-x in half to 3/4 tank of water. let sit for a week. Drive around a bit if you can. (Get it at grocery store.)

Then just use lots of water and no chemical. You will find that the only time you will smell anything is when it is time to dump the tank.

i ran into some more trouble steve, well some trouble just more issues with fixing it, the tst had been in my tank for two days, i pulled the valve and nothing came out, risking a flood of stuff i did not want to be coved in a put a hose as far up the drain as i could from the out side thinking that maybe there was just a chunk blocking it.... so far all i have managed is to get soaking wet in 20 degree weather and still havn't got anything to happen or the tst out of the tank....... any other suggestions??
Hmm, Well I would try a vigorous drive. how full is your tank? look down the toilet with a flashlight. If it is near the top you might have to work harder with the hose. If you only have 1/2 a tank or so try a flush cap.

Like this:  http://www.fleetfarm.com/detail/camco-rv-sewer-cap-with-hose-connection/0000000035862?utm_source=googleps&utm_medium=shopping%2Bsearch&utm_campaign=google%2Bproduct%20search&gclid=CPeahcCx1bUCFYdxQgodGRoAAg

You can get them at walmart. Just keep watch down the toilet. Then go the rid-x route. It will clean the tank out.

ok will do, idk if this is normal but my pipe coming down the toilet where it is visible in the underneath compartment a coulple bends in it, not very much just redirects it about six inches or so to the left, im gonna get some new switches for my tank heaters also just incase that is part of my problem
captsteve said:
You could well have a poopsicle... :(

That's what I'm thinking.....have you tried pouring boiling water in your toilet with the dump valve open?  If you can get access to your drain line.....maybe use a hairdryer.

20F out.....if your plumbing isn't run through heated space, it's probably frozen solid.
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