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Oct 3, 2018
Hi Everyone..
Here to learn as much as I can before I make my purchase on a new 5th Wheel toy hauler RV.
I have
Ford F350 Dually platinum 18' to pull it with..
The Yard to stow a 50ft triailer if needed..
50 amp at my house with hookup..

I would like to
3-15 day trips to wherever.. Some boondocking mostly parks. def want a great gen set.
200 - 2000 miles a trip.

Now all I need is to find the best.. No cheapest or easiest..

I come from the fishing world professionally and I know forums are the best place to get all the welcome and unwelcome opinions about anything..
So.. Im all ears..

Gary RV_Wizard

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Feb 2, 2005
West Palm Beach, FL
F350 dually or not, you will still need to figure out a trailer weight budget, based on your specific truck's towing and Payload capacities. Toyhaulers can be real heavy, possibly into F450 territory, and a 5W puts 20-25% of its total weight on the hitch pin, so the truck has to carry a LOT of weight as well as pulling the trailer.  An upscale trim F350 can have surprisingly little payload, so check the yellow Tire & Weight placard on the driver door post to learn what your truck can carry. That has to include passengers and gear as well as 20% of the trailer GVWR.  You may well find that you are limited to a trailer weighing 15,000 lbs or less.

If you plan to boondock a lot, make sure the trailer has an inverter and plenty of battery amp-hours (at least two large batteries). A large solar panel or two is also a plus. You don't want to run the genset 24/7, and in fact many places won't allow it after 8 pm or 0 pm.


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Oct 3, 2018
Thanks for the advise.. you had me concerned.
My truck is good for
22,000 on the hitch
27,500 on the 5th wheel
35,000 gooseneck.
Looks like I will be good to go for the 16,000 lb 5W I am looking at..


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Oct 4, 2007
Not sure where you are getting those huge numbers from but... I suspect you may be looking at some information incorrectly!! For example, There are no 5th wheel RVs  or pickup trucks that I am aware of that have high numbers like that.

A 16000lb (GVWR) RV will place 3200 lbs on the hitch. That means the the truck itself will have to carry at least that load + the weight of any other cargo you are carrying including a 150lb hitch (AKA the CCC of the truck). Common numbers for CCC might be in the range of 1200-1700 lbs but the sticker has the weight limit for YOUR particular truck as it left the factory and takes into account all the features (trim) that particular truck has installed.

The numbers you have to consider are:

For the truck, CCC (Cargo Carry Capacity) or Max. Load as shown of the sticker found on the drivers door post (Often has yellow highlights); GCWR: the combined weights of the loaded truck and trailer and the two Axle capacities (GAWR)

For the trailer: GVWR: the max weight of the trailer that it was designed to carry, NOT the dry weight that is the most often weight published).
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