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Oct 22, 2012
Good morning

My Name Is JR as in JR from Dallas;)
And my wife...well we just call her T...Short for Tatiana
I'm looking to get deeper into the world of RVing.We just finished a marvelous second season as empty nesters and we had an absolute blast traveling around Ontario
My wife and I own a Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel with  a Corsair Slide on Camper  which we call  Our Fort:)
What we looking to do with this unit is redesign the interior of the camper.
We want to rip out the bench seat and table to clear up space for our gear.
We need to find websites,people,software,ideas,input,wisdom on ideas through discussion before we start ripping our investment apart;)
Ive learned over the years its cheaper to know what your doing before you start;)
If I bugger this up I would not be in the RV but in the dog house;)
That bring me back to you guys:)
Were hoping to make friends and learn lots from you all,cause we kinda have just been driven around and not really learning to much:)
And little breaks and repairs are starting to come up and we have noticed everything in the RV world is pretty much a thousand dollars...LOL
So, why not have some fun, learn to do it ourselves, makes some friends,  and save a couple thousand dollars here and there eh?
Its a great way to spend our time during the long winter months?
While we wait for next years adventures to begin again:)

So please feel free to chatter it up with us were here to listen and learn and make friends...oh yah,,,,and save some doe too;)

Thanks all
Jacques and Tatiana Rheaume


Jan 13, 2005
Hi Jacques and welcome to The RV Forum. Feel free to browse around, join in any discussions, and ask questions. Be sure to check out our forum Library and our Resources for RVers (links in the toolbar above).
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