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Nov 3, 2012
Hi. I'm fairly new to the rv world and still very excited. I purchased my first MH (2004 Gulfstream Ultra class C) last February and have had a number if adventures thus far. I am a single dad of three young children (ages 4, 6 and 7) and a teacher, which gives me lots of time off. We've been to Florida for extended vacations as well as numerous weekend excursions. I purchased the MH to get away from the pre-packaged, always looking at your watch and wallet, Disney type vacation. On top of all the fun, we just lost our power due to hurricane sandy and have been living in the MH, plugged into my cousin's house. It's been getting quite cold up here in NY and our house wasn't warm enough for the kids. So glad for the MH and that I found this forum.


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Feb 28, 2010
Sweet that you have that motorhome! Keep warm and we hope you have power back soon!

-Trevor & Roni
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