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Turn-Key Marketing

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Jul 1, 2019
Experienced RV Driver- Great PAID Opportunity to see America!!! 

Hi we are new to the group so please let me know if this is not allowed, we are looking to hire a great person to help on our upcoming tour campaign!

Leading Natural Beverage Company is running a cross-country ?Live Your Best? Bike Tour, from Neah Bay, WA to Key West, FL, hiring for August 9th-October 11th,  and possibly November 4th-8th, 2019.  The company?s VP of Sales will be biking across the country with guests (approx. 60 miles per day) and staying in the RV with his wife.  RV is a 38ft Class A Motorhome (gas), and will be wrapped with company graphics, and our team will be giving out free beverage samples along the way.  We are looking for an experienced driver (or a vetted Driver + 1) to get the RV from one stop to another each day, and set up the RV for the bikers? use every afternoon.  RV driver will be in charge of daily RV logistics (driving, gassing up, handling all hookups on the inbound/outbound of each nightly stop, filling fluids & dumping fluids, taking it for regular maintenance checks, etc).  Here are additional details about the position:

Tour is just short of 4 months long. Departing Corvallis, OR on 8/4/19. Arriving in Key West, FL on 11/20/19, the week before Thanksgiving). We are open to the possibility of hiring 2 different drivers (or 2 person teams) to each cover approx. 2 months each, but dates have to work for us.  NOTE: There is no flexibility on changing Tour dates, at all.  
Daily time commitment: Typically, each week is 6 days on, 1-day rest.  Approx. 3-4 hours, daily.  (Average daily breakdown: 1-2 hours of daily drive time (approx. 60 miles per day, following the bike route); 1-2 hours per day (combined) of RV logistics, ie: gassing up, unhooking/packing up in the AM and hooking up upon arrival to the next RV Campsite in the afternoon.  NOTE: Driver is responsible to have RV totally set up before Biker(s) arrive for ea. day (3-6 hours after a.m. departure).
2nd Vehicle:  We will be providing a Ford Transit Connect and we will cover gas, to be used as a ?SAG vehicle? to support the bikers during the day (Biker?s wife will drive during day), and by afternoon, the RV Driver may use the 2nd vehicle to camp out of or take to get dinner, or to go explore.  
Compensation: Approximately $20,000 flat rate payable to the driver(s) for a full 4 months, or approx. $5000 per month.   We pay a flat rate for the job, to include your daily drive time, meals, nightly accommodations (driver choice?see # 5, below).  Also includes pre-tour coordination meetings & correspondence before Kickoff.  
Accommodations:  The driver(s) will not be sleeping in the RV with the Biker(s).  Sleeping arrangements are up to the Driver(s) to choose what they want to do each night, and driver can spend as much or as little as they want!  Driver(s) would have the nightly options of:
Sleeping inside the Ford Transit Connect (full size bed) (estimated nightly cost $0 to $25/night)
Tent camping in nearby campground, using the 2nd vehicle to house all your camping gear (estimated nightly cost $0 to $25/night)
Staying in a nearby hotel (estimated nightly cost $55 to $159/night).  Please note that the nearest hotel could be 20-60 miles away, depending on where the RV stops for the night. 


Must have Commercial Driver?s License (Must be current by 4 weeks before departure)
Must have a Clean driving record.  We will be checking your driving history with your state DMV.
Must provide proof of current Medical insurance policy.
Due to our insurance requirements, driver must be 25 years old, or older.
Candidate must have previous experience driving a large RV or Bus, must be completely familiar with RV Hookups, dumping Grey/Black water, filling fluids, etc.
Absolutely only open to non-smokers! (NOTE: this is a deal breaker for the bikers, who will be sharing both vehicles with the Driver)
Must have a reliable smartphone with a data plan (for communicating with the bikers or office, for map navigation, looking up nearby resources on the internet, etc.)
Candidates must be easy going, resourceful, time-efficient, and enjoy working with people. The right candidate needs to be able to follow a very structured tour with strict date/time parameters, and also be flexible and open to working with our company to make changes on the fly or handle unforeseen RV or Tour hurdles with a ?can do? and ?solution-based? attitude! 
Driver (and significant other, if applicable) would be required to do at least 2 interviews, with a minimum of 1 interview ?live? (in our Corvallis, OR office), or alternatively, via webcam on Skype, GoToMeeting or Google Hangouts.
Preference will be given to candidates who have all of the above requirements and also experience with social media posting, blogging, photography, video, and/or marketing & promotions experience.
Driver will be paid as a 1099 contractor and is responsible withholding and paying own federal & state payroll taxes.


Please include in your email (1) your RV driving experience, (2) your available dates, and (3) 2-5 sentences about why you would be a great candidate for this Tour!  Including a resume is highly encouraged!

CONTACT: [email protected]
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