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Feb 27, 2022
Whidbey Island WA
We both retired at the same time. He doesn't have a problem at home with things to do, just on the road. I am the one who refuses to just, repeat the 'just' stay home. I like being home. But........ I am just looking to find something he can really get in to when we are out and about. If he had something that he could do as easy on the road as at home, I think he would enjoy being out more.
When kids were at home, we camped a bit and he taught them fishing and such. But that was because we both wanted them to at least know about camping and have the skills to enjoy that. They do and as adults go camping, much to the discomfort of their other halves. They don't like camping. Now hubby doesn't want to fish, and I don't want to eat fish. So, he is looking for something.
We do kayak or rather he tolerates, and I enjoy. The idea of a metal detector is something I think he will enjoy. He loves finding treasures. I gave him a small drone for Xmas once, but it is still sitting in the box. Maybe if I drag that back out and force him to learn about it, he will have fun with it. We have bikes, but he isn't into that as much as I am. I got US a new camera on the first try at road tripping, but mostly he just points and says take that picture.
We have done mini golf a few times, but that is not at a camping spot so still looking for something for there. We are finding a few new things.
I love all the ideas everyone has given me, and I have a few ideas to try hopefully we will come up with some good stuff. Hopefully some of these will also spark others to say hummmmm that might be fun.


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May 15, 2020
NorthCentral Florida
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