Holding tank meter reversed

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Oct 14, 2005
I just picked up a new Work and Play 28 foot bumper pull toy hauler trailer with separate garage.  It is a nice trailer low profile with low ramp height.  On the way home from our 1780 mile trip to pick it up.  I noticed that according to the status meter the gray and black water holding tanks are reversed.  I confirmed this after returning home with empty tanks I added water to the gray system by running the sink water.  The meter showed the black tank as the increased level.  When the gray water tank handle is used the tank empties and the black water meter goes back to zero.

The two holding tanks are side by side and have blue yellow and green wires going to the sensors and a white wire which may be a ground.  I did not get a call back from the dealer but a local RV repair shop said that he remembered a similar case where the white wires were reversed?  I am going to try and reverse the two white wires and see what happens.

The meter is in the cook top hood and looks like you would have to pretty much take that out to get to the meter.  any suggestions.



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Mar 11, 2005
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If the white wires share a common ground, am not sure reversing them would make any difference??

I have no idea if the white is a common ground or not, but it seems to me you would want to reverse the paits of sensing circuits. from one tank to the other, either at the tanks or at the meter.

But you must be ion the right track as reversing wires makes much more sense than washing dishes in the toilet and doiing necessaries in the sink.  ;D
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