Honda Generator Question

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Mar 12, 2005
Have had the generator (2000i) for a while and just noticed that the electrical glitch detector shows an open ground when the generator is putting out. Is it OK to run and supply juice to the RV or other receptacle that way? I see there is a ground screw on the panel...if I use that, to what should it be attached?


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Mar 3, 2005
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Chances are good that you won't have any problems, but the GFCI outlets (if any) won't detect a ground fault properly. Grounding should be done from the ground screw to the frame of the trailer/mh or to the designated electrical ground if not the frame (unlikely). Suggest using a #10ga. green wire.

Lou Schneider

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Mar 14, 2005
The "open ground" indication lights because the generator's windings are isolated from the ground pin, which is tied to the generator's frame.  The frame is not grounded unless you connect it to a solid ground, like a grounding rod.  Normal commercial power has a hot and neutral line, with the neutral side tied to ground potential.  Since the generator's windings are isolated from ground there is no need to ground the generator frame.

GFCI outlets will operate with normal protection, as they operate by sensing a difference in current between the so-called hot and neutral lines.  Due to the isolated windings, even if a fault to ground occurs there should be no shock hazard from current flow to ground.  If something fails inside the generator that causes the windings to lose their isolation to ground, the GFCI will operate normally.
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