Horizon bedroom dresser

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Dec 18, 2015
I'm getting ready to replace the ceiling in our bedroom area. Does anyone know if I can just remove the top part of the dresser or does it come out whole? There is a strip of wood along the top but I don't see where its attached at the bottom.
Thanks in advance.


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Mar 22, 2009
I have your sister ship with the same dresser.  In my  Parts Fisch it is shown as one complete unit with only one part number.  Probably built and installed as one piece at the factory.

Having said that, looking at mine, there is no backing behind the lower drawers.  Looking behind the drawers, across the top back rear there is a 1x2 or 2x2 wood framing with screws that appear to go upwards into the upper unit lower wood.  So it appears it was built as two parts and then assembled at some point.  You could probably pull your drawers and remove those screws, disconnecting the lower and upper parts.  I'm sure that the upper unit is also secured to the wall, perhaps at the top.  Hopefully they didn't use some sort of adhesive to hold it in place.

So it's probably do-able but not something I've done.

John Canfield

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Aug 8, 2006
Texas Hill Country
The dresser and mirror are two separate units. When I had new flooring installed in our Horizon, we were able to move the dresser out of the way (I helped.)
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