House battery not charging

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Feb 17, 2019
Hello, new here. Just picked up a 2005 fleetwood Terra 32s and was going through everything to make sure I don?t have any issues when I take it out in a month. I put a multimeter on the house battery while the rv was running and noticed the voltage was about 11.8 volts do definitely not charging while the rv is running. It?s my understanding the alternator is supposed to charge both the main and house battery while running. I?ve tried to search on here for info and wiring diagrams but have been a bit unsuccessful. If anyone has any info or wiring diagrams on this coach I?d really appreciate it!
This is a fairly common problem and it's usually traced to a bad solenoid. 


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There is a solenoid that closes to connect the house system to the chassis (alternator) system when the engine is running. At a guess, yours has failed to do so.
How long between VAROOM and voltage measurement.. Takes up to a minute for solenoid to engage.

My battery story. Left the blasted headlights on when I went to dinner last night.. Thankfully the isolator isolated so the generator started.. Cooled the rig down for sleeping and again warmed it a bit this AM on genny power (What can I say you got to exercise those babies once in a month) So house battery is good and thanks to the B.I.R.D. (Bidirectional Isolator Relay Device) chassis should be at least 90-95%.. They charge fast.
Thanks everyone I appreciate the information. This last Saturday I pulled it out of storage, I have the chassis and house battery disconnect switches. When I last ran it about a month ago when I left I hit both switches for disconnect and I could hear what sounded like a relay click loudly on each switch so I had assumed they had disconnected. Fast forward to last sat, I hit both switches (heard them click) rv started right up without issue. Had it runnin for about 5 minutes then went to start the generator and it barely clicked as if it had a dead battery. Got my multimeter and found the battery was at 9 volts. went back to the truck grabbed my jump pack put it on the house battery and the generator fired right up. I then put the slide out and after about 20 minutes is when I had checked to see if the house battery was being charged by the alternator, in which I found out it wasn?t. I guess I should also check to see if its being charged when the generator is on, because if it isn?t being charged then I guess there?s also another issue  ::) i appreciate everyone?s help
Don't jump to any conclusions yet.  20 minutes isn't much charging.  Some coaches have a Battery Charge Controller (BCC) that makes sure the chassis battery reaches more-or-less full charge before allowing any alternator amps to flow to the house batteries.
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