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Mar 13, 2009
GET RID of a LOT of GOOD STUFF ~~ I Might Use Someday /i]  . Just got back from scales. Personally HATE scales. Toyota says BOTH GVWR & Towing weight for this beast is 6600 . Driver +1 dog + mock up load 6620 . DO I take him out and shoot him or try to find 300# of ??? to take out.
    Making a move down from 27'ClassA to small pop-up Truck Camper. I think the physical is possible IF I can get my head in the right place. Think Light ~ Think Small ~ Think Light ~ Think Small ~ Think Light ~ Think Small ~ every night as I go to sleep ~ keeps me awake.  Any of you made the move??  Any good tricks. Any insight appreciated.
    Thanks for all your help ~ Back to square ONE. Not sellin' my truck ~ Not sellin' my camper ~~

TakeCare ~ TravelSafe ~ HaveFun  ~~  K
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