How is living full time in a class A

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Sep 26, 2018
Hello everyone , thanks for letting me join group. I've been camping seasonally at Wordens pond in Rhode Island for the last 8 years. Getting ready to retire in a year or two and will sell my house and buy a class a at time of retirement. I'll be keeping my 40 ft Polomino puma for may 15 through oct 15 then traveling south for winters with occasional trips back north to Ma. One of my many questions is does anyone have experience living in a class a diesel hooked up to household power on a family members property during heavy snowstorms. Are the awning over the bump outs able to take a lot of snow on them and how comfortable is it keeping warm. Thanks in advance.
A Class A DP may be better at that than many trailers, simply because the pricier DPs usually have decent construction and insulation, but in general no RV is good at severely cold weather. And the slide toppers are the same regardless and not well suited to ice and snow.  However, if you can leave the toppers & slides extended and don't move them until after the spring thaw, the toppers probably won't be damaged. The weight of the snow pushes the topper fabric down onto the top of the slide and it freezes in place there. Heaven help if you ever need to bring that slide in, though.

If you travel south for the winter, why the concern of toppers and slides?  Close up the trailer you leave behind "up North".
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