how long can you store waste before problems?

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Sep 7, 2005
hey guys.  a friend of mine and i just bought a motorhome for tailgating at football games.  first, how big is the holding tank typically on a 27 foot rv?  secondly, what is the chemical called that we should be putting in there?  and lastly, how long can the waste be stored in the tank before dumping it?  we used the rv on sunday, and we have no chemicals in it, and it just occurred to me that we never dumped the tank!  i am pretty worried. any advice would be appreciated.


Jan 13, 2005
Formaldehyde is the main component of some holidng tank chemicals. But many of us do not use chemicals and prefer to let nature do its job inside the holding tank. Understand the desire to dump but, when I've forgotten about it, I've gone many weeks with no apparent problem. My main concern would be the stuff on the walls above the waste that can get solidified on the tank sensors; If it's not flushed off it can (and usually does) prevent the sensors from reading the waste level.

Which motorhome did you buy? Knowing that, we might be able to look up the specs for the size of holding tank.


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Jan 29, 2005
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Like Tom said many of us don't use any chemicals.  I do not recommend using any chemical in your waste tank that contains Formaldehyde or any ingredient ending in hyde.  When we did use chemicals we used a product called Pure Power.  Like Tom we had gonesome time before dumping the tanks after an outing before we went fulltime.  Now we dumb the black water tank when ever it get full which can be as long as three weeks.
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