How much trailer should I buy????

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Jun 26, 2006
I have a F-150 4x4 automatic with HD suspension and the 4.6 triton V8. The specs say I should be able to tow 6600 lbs. If I discount that 10% then I should look for a trailer in the range of 4-5k lbs. to allow for loading, correct? I tow up and down some hillls but no mountains. I live in Mo. and usually camp within three to four hours of home right now. Iy is used for weekends right now and possibly vacation next year

Am I off base? I really want to get a decent size trailer with a decent sized bathroom and a bed that stays put.

Opinions? I really value the input from this forum and I am actively looking so any help would be much appreciated

Thanks, RogerĀ  :)
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