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Hi everyone,

I am new to this forum and I have had a very bad experience purchasing my first Class A and I would like to know where I can post my experience, without mentioning the dealer, so others who are contemplating buying their first RV unsed or new will have some insight from one consumer.

Any ideas at which site in this forum would be best to post a topic to help newcomers or experienced rvers....??

Send me your good bad and ugly opinion pls



Jan 13, 2005

You're not alone in having a bad experience; If you have a spare week sometime, I'll tell you about mine. Feel free to tell us about yours, but please be aware of the following in our forum rules:

"Please do not attempt to use the RV Forum as a platform to organize a boycott against a company. Rants against a manufacturer, dealer, or repair shop for real or perceived mistreatment are generally not acceptable. On the other hand, reports of poor quality products or poor service, giving the circumstances, are generally acceptable."

This message board or the Motorhomes board will be fine.
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