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Dec 5, 2006
Long Island, NY
Virgin, Newbie, Rookie, RVer--without RV (presently). East coast (Long Island) son to be Coloradan. Last daughter in college, and now it's me and mama (plus one dog and cat). Our plan is to use some of this ill-gotten equity (it really is obscene--but we'll take it) to build our little cabin in the woods near Pikes Peak, buy the Harley Ultraglide, and pick up a nice, used 30-something foot long diesel pusher for the price of between twenty and thirty thousand bucks.

I have a class A license with all the endorsements, so drivng a big rig and living the highway life is nothing new to me. Wife has a class B (school bus) license, so she's good behind the wheel, too. I ran into this site during my self-education process before purchasing. I've run the gamut between the Toyota 22R Class C gas unit, and the older Foretravel (a castle, if you ask me). We love the outdoors and want to visit lots of national and state parks--maybe do the ALCAN Highway to Alaska, and have been monitoring conversations where the discussions focus on mountain driving, the diesel versus gas question, the six-speed Allison tranny issue (not really an issue, except that the six-speed is superior to the four. These discussions have answered a lot of questions for me--sort of like the FAQ sections of most sites.

We're both retired now and I will be driving a school bus as well. That gives us summers off (like the teachers) and long holidays. Suffice it to say, there may be months on end where we'll be living "aboard" and other times when it will be merely a week or weekend. What I haven't picked up on, as yet, are the differences in chasis, integrated components like body/chasis (like on the Foretravel), and whether the Ford 460 is superior to the Chevy 454. I've heard that the Chevys have exhaut manifold leak problems.

Any and all advice anyone has to offer--oh yes, and I'll be pulling a pickup with a full dressed Hog in the bed--will be much appreciated. I have lots of mechanical knowledge, but am not in the best physical condition for crawling around an engine compartment (back and knees). Thanks in advance for your advice and comraderie.


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May 14, 2005
Welcome to the Forum from a fellow Coloradan (SW corner now, formerly Colorado Springs). Sounds like you've got lots experience to share with us here. And the folks here love to answer questions so you're bound to get answers to any questions you ask. Enjoy the search for the 'perfect' motorhome and enjoy Colorado.

Wendy, Mike and Sam
Cortez Colorado


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Jan 29, 2005
Home is where we park it
Welcome to the RV Forum .  Please look around the forum,  join in on any of the on going discussions, start new discussions, or ask questions.  Thanks for joining us.

Gary RV_Wizard

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Feb 2, 2005
At my Silver Springs FL home
Welcome to the RV Forum and congrats on your new-found freedom.

If you want to pull a truck with a big hog in the back, you want a diesel rig, not gas.  Most of the gas chassis are well loaded with a nice motorhome body and have tow capacity for only 4000 lbs or less.  That's not enough for your needs (although a 32 footer on a W22 or full-bore F53 might do it).  However, you may have trouble finding a nice used diesel pusher for $20K-30k. Add just a bit, though, and you can get a really nice one with no slides.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not anti-gas. We just swapped a nice gas chassis MH that served us real well for 42000 miles and four years and we had another before that.  But for what you say you want to do, I'd suggest a used Winnebago Journey 32 footer. They are well equipped and reasonably priced.  But you are more likely to find some 34-36 footer diesels available  sizes under 35 feetare relatively rare on the market, new or used.


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Jan 22, 2006
Welcome and just get the RV and join us in the land of the Retirees with the only boss we have ios our wives. 

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