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Aug 20, 2005
Denver CO
Helloooo all you RVers!
I'm new to your forum but not a new "camper"
I just had to let you all know that the  Dometic Refrigerator (RM3663) dilemma for me is over!
Just a slight brain transplant (Dinosaur Board p-711) and the fridge works like new. For two years the thing would run a while (on LP) then the "check light" would come on. When this would happen, the failsafe system would switch over to 12v and drain the coach battery at night while we were sleeping if we didn't shutdown the fridge at night. It isn't pleasant to wake up, have to start the truck, to charge the coach, to start the genset, to charge the battery. Afterall who wants that as your before coffee chore every morning you camp, what a pain. I cleaned the burner, and the flue, kept the stack clear, coils clean, etc. etc. etc.  I'm not sure you can PLUG where you purchase stuff, but about $100 cured an old headache. Once again, time to enjoy the woods! Wonder whats next, the axe handle? the waterpump? the dirt bike tire?
I'll be surprised I'm sure!
Happy Camping!
Welcome to the RV Forum.  We are looking forward to your participatuion.  Glad you were able to solve your refrigerator anomaly and that it was as simple as replacing the control board.

What's next ..List of stuff...

Oh the joys of ownership :)

Well... Glad to see you fixed it.  By the way I found a shortcut to generator starting.

On my MH there is an "Emergency Start" button, this button jumpers the house and chassis batteries so it jump starts itself

The house battery starts the gen-set, (I really should change this) the chass battery the Vortec V8.

I can fire up the main engine, hit the button, fire up the genset, and when the AC indicator lights down in the handy dandy outlet nearby release the E-start button and it's good to go

Still, it's a PITA (That's Pain In The Anatomy folks)

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