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Nov 8, 2012
Milton, WV
Howdy Folks,
My name is Jerry and my wife is Carol. We are new owners of a 2004 Winnebaggo 37B Adventurer. We have been living in our 34RLSA Cedar Creek for over a year now and decide to trade the fifth wheel and truck in for the motor home. My wife just could not get comfortable riding in the 1-ton truck. The only issue I had was keeping my coffee in the cup.
We work as we travel. So far we worked at an animal rescue farm in Maysville, North Carolina and a llama farm in Blue Ridge, Georgia. We are currently working on a cattle ranch in Ledbetter, TX.
If you are interested in reading about our adventure, please take a trip to our blog.
The transition from fifth wheel to motor home has been pretty stressful since we have too much stuff. In fact I think I will call the motor home Cramalot-Inn. We also have a none traditional toad (2006 Grand Marquis). At least now, we have a smooth ride and I no longer spill the coffee.
We are looking forward to learning more about caring for our motor home


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Feb 28, 2010
Ha Ha!

Welcome and congratulations on your new purchase! Looking forward to reading your blog. Would love to hear all about working at an animal rescue farm!

-Trevor & Roni
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