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Jul 1, 2006
Land of Lincoln
On the topic of motorhome hubcaps, or "simulators" as I've seen them called... what's the deal with those things falling off?  As I've been shopping for mid- to late-80's Class C's, I have seen more advertised motorhomes than I can count that only have 3 out of 4 caps.  It seems like many of them are missing the cap on a rear dually.  Is there some flaw that makes them prone to falling off while moving?  It seems like such a strange but repeating trend that I thought it was worth asking.  If I do buy a MH with nice stainless caps, I'd like to make sure they stay securely attached!
They only have two lug nuts that hold them on (as opposed to 10 for the tire) and you don't torque them down nearly as much as the tire's nuts.  I have one lug missing on one of mine, the other is tightened securly and the missing one will be repalced soon
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