HWH 725 Kick down leveling jacks

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Jan 21, 2013
Central NC
One morning on our last road trip I retracted the jacks with no problem, drove for 12 minutes (7.5 miles) and tried to deploy the jacks and the jacks would not deploy.  All I got from the computer leveling control panel was a blinking auto level indicator light.  After a few seconds the jack down indicator lights blinked and the system shut down.  I called HWH but tech support is over a month behind returning calls from customers.  I have a mobile RV repair company coming out on 8/15 at $125 for the call and $125 per hour for repairs.  I was told that HWH tech support will respond immediately to a call from a service tech.  Has anyone had this problem with the HWH 725 kick down system?

Gary RV_Wizard

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Feb 2, 2005
West Palm Beach, FL
Can't say that I have, but problems with the kickdown system are not exactly rare.

Do any of the jacks deploy or show signs of moving at all?  If not, I'd say it sounds like a controller issue.  Most auto-level systems time out and shut down if it doesn't achieve level in a fixed amount of time. The question is why is nothing moving. What about manual mode - do any of the manual up/down arrows work?  Any sound from the hydraulic pump?  Have you checked the fluid level in the hydraulic reservoir?
Do you have the operator manual for the 725 system? If not, see  https://liferebooted.net/2018-phaeton-40ih/HWH-725-Leveling-System-Manual.pdf
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