HWH Jack spring/foot replacement issue

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May 14, 2024
1996 Country Coach Intrigue with HWH leveling jack and spring. The issue I have is that all of the videos I’ve watched have both springs on the rear exposed but ours has one inside of a square tubular housing. Has anyone had experience with this particular issue of how to get that one spring out and reinstalled with the new one? It’s a used RV with many issues but diesel engine and generator run good. We didn’t realize it had auto leveling and found out that one spring and one Jack foot was missing. I ordered through HWH. I’m also new to this forum and to RVing.


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If the jack with the missing foot is the same as the one in the other picture, that spring is not inside the box, but its missing. If you would post what model HWH system you have we could possibly locate the service & parts manuals.
HWH 610 one spring toward the exterior is outside the box but the one toward the interior is inside the box. We just figured out how to put the missing one on but not according to any of the videos we’ve watched due to cramped space and no room to get hook in place without loosing all of the shims out of it. We would still like to change the existing spring that’s inside the metal box at some point to match the missing one we just put on yesterday.
I went by the Touch Panel Control Panel to figure out which series I had.


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It seems that there was more than one version of the HWH 610 series jacks. Here is a service manual that seems to cover yours.
Page 20 has a drawing that look like what you have. As far as I could find there is nothing about how to replace the return springs. Perhaps one of the older RV techs might happen to know more than I.
I had a jack foot stick to frozen ground and come loose on my Country Coach.

I went to a truck stop and a huge mechanic fix mine. He simply attache the pad to the springs and pulled it down and under the piston.

The springs use the compression strength to hold it in place. a simple pin ball and socket.
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Suggest you contact Paul at AZPETE on the Irv2 forum. He works for HWH and can answer your questions. His email is [email protected] and his phone number is 602-549-3638. He is a Commercial Member of irv2.com and has posted that his phone is always on, and if not answered, leave a detailed message with your year and model of HWH leveling system.

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