Hydraulic HWH levelling jacks, 1996 Four Winds

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Oct 8, 2021
I just got on YouTube and found a good little video to take apart and clean out my interior levelling system (joystick panel). I found that the board is bad, which is just another pain of having something from when Clinton was the Prez. Is there a way to manually use my hydraulic jack system?
I have been doing little things here and there to get my RV into better working order. I believe that I am the third owner. It has some cosmetic issues but the mechanicals work, except for the jacks.
Presently I am camping in Michigan's lovely Upper Peninsula, awaiting to close on a new cabin here. It has been quite an amazing little adventure with me and my two cats.
I plan on renovating the RV and my new cabin during alternating seasons. I will use the new cabin as my base camp.
So far I have replaced my house battery and fixed a roof leak, temporarily, until I can replace the roof. Thank you all, take care, and enjoy the great outdoors.
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