Hydraulic Jack on Minnie Winnie 31-G

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Aug 13, 2018
I purchased a new 2017 Minnie Winnie 31-G from Camping World in January 2018.  I have had and endless list of warranty issues with this vehicle.  Each time I go camping, other issues come up.  Most get resolved after several months.  The one issue that has been open since February is the rear passenger side leveling jack that leaks hydraulic fluid and retracts.  The jack has been replaced twice.  It takes months of waiting for Camping World to ?get approval and receive the part?.  I have asked Winnebago for help but they respond that I must work with my dealer.  I am need a different solution.  Any ideas?

John Canfield

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Aug 8, 2006
Texas Hill Country
Make a service appointment in Forest City for Winnebago factory service if at all possible, call now as they stay really busy. I wouldn't let Camping World service touch a bicycle much less an expensive motorhome.  Disclaimer - there have been very sporadic reports of somebody actually having a good service experience at CW.

We bought our Horizon brand new (ordered it) and my plan from day one was to fix little things on my punch list (I enjoy tinkering) and accumulate a punch list of more significant items for Winnebago factory service to fix. I documented everything and emailed it to Winnebago when making a service appointment - I waited for about ten months so I would have two months left on my house warranty.

In retrospect, my plan was absolutely spot-on. I had 99% of everything fixed and fixed correctly (99% - nobody is perfect  ;) .)

And welcome.

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