Hydro Flame Camper Furnace Problem

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The Bear

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Apr 24, 2019
Howdy folks, I have a problem with a Hydro Flame Model FA7912 PF furnace from a truck camper that I installed in a small greenhouse.
I used it years ago in the camper but that has since been demolished and it worked fine at the time.

When I light the pilot and turn it to on with the fan running, it cycles just fine and when the furnace shuts down and the fan turns off....the pilot goes out.
I can light the pilot without the fan but after it is running on pilot only for a while, the pilot goes out.
I take the burner off the furnace and "bench" test it and the pilot runs fine for an hour and a half.
I have ensured that the combustion air tube from the fan and the heat exchanger/chimney is totally clear with no obstruction and put the burner back on and it continues to go out.
My deduction is that it burns all the available oxygen in the fire chamber and then it is just like putting a glass jar over a lit candle.

So my question is, has anybody run across this problem before and if so what would be the fix?

Thank you so much for any input

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