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Sep 28, 2018
I dunno, Bill. Given the flat roof on the rest of the house rebuilding the garage with a higher roof looks more and more feasable.
And here I was thinking....
Cut and remove the existing Garage floor and driveway. lower the garage floor as needed to get the needed clearance, Which will also remove a lot of the incline of the driveway.

I should note....I'm really good at spending other peoples money:LOL:


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Jun 5, 2012

Tomorrow they are delivering the Motorhome from Tucson.

I have a fairly steep driveway,

I think that my name should have been "Rube Goldburg", (known for unorthodox and unusualy complex solutions for gadgets).

After careful measurements, actually guessing from the pictures and published specs, I have designed a mobile leveling ramp with enough strength to support the front of the RV in my driveway. It can also double as an industrial size skateboard.

If I can design and build Mobile Hospitals a Mobile Ramp should be easy.

I connected the two ramps because I was concerned about the stability of having ramps that are 12 inches high tipping over when I pulled up on them.

The skateboard is for moving them from the garage and back.

The picture of Kelly's TT is to show how steep the driveway is.

The Class C has a wheelbase of 212 inches and the distance from center of the tires up front is 69 inches. I used a line and a level to measure the drop and came up with 12 inches of lift needed.


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Rene T

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May 20, 2011
Farmington NH
Impressive Bill. What will you do, back in the driveway, put the ramp assembly in front of the rig then drive up on it?
Any idea how much the ramp assembly weights?


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May 15, 2020
That should work. Did you consider making the base board wedge shaped so that the ramp pads where the wheels end up would be more level? Seems the ramp assembly is gonna be nose low on the driveway?

X-Roughneck Strike 3

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Feb 15, 2021
Bad Water Texas

Who said MacGuyver is Dead?

Nice work. You are a guy with solutions. My kind of guy for sure!

You got it figured out.

Meaning, Keep out of Momma's Hair!

Rule 1 of Retirement: You have to have Outside/ Garage projects to keep you busy when not camping.



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Jun 5, 2012
They Delivered it about an hour ago. I cannot find anything that I am not happy with.

I had him help me with spotting and placing the ramp. It work like I expected. I need to move the RV a little farther up the hill. It is about a half a bubble off but will be level after moving it.

Without pictures, it did not happen.


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MN Blue Skies

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Feb 18, 2014
Bill this looks like something Eric and I might consider if we decide to downsize. Any interior pics or floor plan? It probably has Renae's stamp of approval.
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Jun 5, 2012
Mods done so far:

1. Installed a King Tailgater on the roof with a MB700 base that allows me to unlock and move the Tailgater onto a tripod if the trees are in the way.

It took a lot of splitters, convertors, and combiners to make it work the way I wanted.

I added a third TV in front of the dinette and had to feed it as well as the two existing TV's.

The outside cable connection and the roof top RG6 cable merge into one feed so that I can move the tailgater without changing the wiring. That output goes in the back of the Wally Dish Receiver. The HDMI output goes thru a splitter to give me two HDMI cables. One goes under the mattress in the cabover bed to the new TV and the other goes to a HDMI convertor to output a RG6 cable. That output goes to both of the existing wired TV's thru a splitter. Not as good a picture to the existing TV's as the new one fed by HDMI. I was able to do this Mod without any wires showing using some of the hidden preexisting wiring.

I also installed a Genie receiver so that we can use the existing Directv while at home.

2. I found a fairly large hidden area that is now available by a removable panel that is disquised. I would tell you where it is but then it would not be a secret hiding place.

3. Renae has added 4 different pieces of artwork. I will take pictures tomorrow.

4. I added a removable cargo net across the cabover bed. We will use it to make sure that the 6 plastic storage bins we are going to put there stay put.

5. I installed a Ninetendo game console in the area above the new TV that is located in the drivers side of the overhead bed. The wiring is hidden and works well with the slideout either in or out.

6. I installed a Inseego 5G Mifi to give me high speed Internet on the road.

7. I organized the very large under bed storage area in the rear of the RV. It has three large doors to the outside. I got about 15 large rubbermaid type plastic bins with tops that open on either end. I spent two days making a three page list of tools and parts that I might want on the road. These will come in handy for me on the next project which will probably be Solar during our planned three month trip to Minnesota this summer.

Other that that I have not been doing much.

Pictures tomorrow.
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Larry N.

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May 26, 2010
Westminster, Colorado
Nice! Sounds as if you've been busy, Bill. That's a lot for this short time since you got the rig. Of course that seems typical of you so...
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