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Jan 25, 2013
Hello everyone, new owner here.  Just bought a 2012 f-30 king ranch. Then bought a 2012 Cyclone 4050  (I believe).  Then deployed before i even got a chance to receive my trailer.  I've been reading some posts about single wheel trucks not matching up to heavy 5th wheels.  now im nervous that i bought the wrong truck.  Either way, Im ready to get out on the road when i get back from sea, and see some highway.  Living in Seattle area, and love the north west.  I hope to get to know most of you.
Thank you. I do too.  I'd hate to trade in for a dually. 
In the mean time, I am really enjoying the reads on the Wal-Mart threads.  It's making time pass a little faster out here
Hi Randy and Jamye - welcome to The RV Forum and RV ownership!

SRW (Single rear wheel0 trucks are typically good for 5W's up to around 10,000 lbs. ABove that, the trailer pin weight tends to exceed the rear axle rating (GAWR).  That said, I know several people who tow bigger/heavier trailers with their SRW trucks and axle failures are not all that common.
Do you have to take the trailer or does the Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act maybe cut you some slack, since you deployed before delivery? (I hear that JAG is your friend on these issues.) 
oh no. It is sitting at the house right now.  It was part of my bargaining ploy.  I didnt need the trailer right before going out to sea, so i gave him my "price i could not walk away from".  Knocked off 30k from the asking price..  I couldnt walk away from that.
The trailer is around 13-14K dry.  We will see how it does.  maybe try putting more weight behind the axles of the trailer (perfect reason to buy a couple quads)

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