I hit the Verizon wall, HARD!

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Dec 12, 2008
Where ever we park it!
My cellular set up in the rig uses an "Enterprise Router" that has two slots for sim cards. I have sims from T-Mobile and Verizon.  The T-Mobile plan is truly unlimited as far as data and speed is concerned. I am on a plan with my son, as he has a business account with several members. 

The Verizon account is through FMCA and for $50 a month you get 25 GB of 4G, or "unlimited" if you look at their verbiage on the account page.  I switch the providers back and forth depending on where I am in the country, as it can vary quite a bit depending on the location. 

Recently I decided to switch to the Verizon card with about 10 days left in the billing period. There was zero use at the time I switched to the Verizon sim.  On the last day of the billing period (unknown to me at the time) we had just started streaming Netflix as is our usual practice during dinner.  About 10 minutes in and the program started buffering, about every 3 minutes. The buffer would take about 1-2 minutes, and then repeat.  This usually never happens, so it didn't occur to me at first what the issue was. 

After making it painfully through the episode of the show, it dawned on me to check my Verizon account.  Sure enough the Data Use meter was showing 25.4 GB of data used.  A quick check with "Speed Test" app showed my download speed at .6 mb (Verizon's idea of 3G.) 

Now I am not complaining that I got exactly what I paid for data wise. This is just a heads up that if you need a high speed connection, beware that "throttling" is alive and well.  And while you still can do minimal on line activities, they will be quite a bit slower than without throttling.  I can't even blame it on tower congestion, as I am in Lake Havasu right now, and about 80% of my neighbors are gone as the daily temps are 100+ every day (but hey, it's a dry heat!)

John From Detroit

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Apr 12, 2005
Davison Michigan
I like to avoid streaming. Now I do download about an hour a week plus about an hour a month (Tv Shows that are ONLY on the internet. Ham nation and Amateur logic tv

But I try to do those at teh "Dead hours" on park Wi-Fi (While most are sleeping)  Usually takes me less than 5 minutes to snag the show .. one park well I hit "Download" not realizing I was still on my phone's feed... HOURS it said. Switched connections to the partk an it was less than 30 seconds later it said "Download finiished"  That's one fast park.

Lou Schneider

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Mar 14, 2005
Yeah, that's why I like AT&T.  Their coverage is pretty much on a par with Verizon and they don't throttle, just de-prioritize if you exceed the account's data cap.  De-prioritize means your data is the first to slow down if you're on a congested tower, then it resumes normal speed when the congestion eases.

Actually, the latency increases so your packets get spread out further, the actual transmission rate for each packet stays the same.

I've been averaging 80-100 GB a month on my 24 GB "unlimited" AT&T Mobley account and almost never notice any impact on it's performance.
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