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Feb 22, 2006
new castle pa.
I am posting this with a very broken heart. My mother passed away this morning. She has been on oxygen for 12 years and in a wheel chair for the past few. Because of her we started camping again about six years ago fulltime the last four at one campground. People would ask her to talk to someone in their family to get them up and out instead of staying in the house. She would tell them to bring them around and she would tell them to go and not to worry what other people would think or see
I have seen on here were someone would ask about camping while handicapped. MOM would say go and enjoy your life it might be a little harder now but go and do it. So if you or someone you know are thinking if they should go camping or anything take my moms advice and GO
:( My condolences; really don't know what to say. I bet you all had fun during those years and that is what to remember. Your Mom was right; go before something happens and it makes it impossible. Sounds like she lived the song; "Live Like You Were Dying" by Tim Mcgraw. I have lived in an RV since 1994 and I am 61 1/2 yrs. old. She would want the survivors to keep on doing what the camping lifestyle; I'm Sure. You were fortunate to have such a great Mom.
Jiggs, I'm sorry about your mother, but what a great role model she was!  We used to take my mother and Jerry's dad with us on various excursions and they both loved being in the motorhome.  We think about them a lot, especially when we talk about various places we went with them.  Enjoy your good memories.  You will never regret your trips!

Sorry to hear about your loss.  Many of us can relate.  Your mom sounded like she wanted you to carry on with your life and do your best for/with your family.  The very thing I have asked of my spouse should I pass tomorrow.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
So sorry for your loss.  Your mom was so right. 

One of the our best memoirs is when I asked my Mom if she wanted to go with us to, drive to Florida with us.
She said "NO" several times until I showed her the brochure of the class C MH I rented for three weeks. Then she demanded to pay for the gas.  We took a week to get to Florida from Ohio stopping at every tourist spot we could find.

It snowed on us in Atlanta GA. so we made snowballs put them in the freezer for my nephew, then 12, and niece, then 9.
That was the first time they ever saw and played with snow.  The DW and I went to my 3 day sales meeting in Orlando while Mom stayed in the MH in my brothers driveway in Tampa.  We spend the rest of the week using the MH for a bus for my brother and his family, Mom and us to trek around to the different theme parks. 

Took a another week to come back home up along the coast, again, stopping at any tourist spot the interest one of us.

God Bless, and thanks for bringing that memory back.
The memories I have of those times will last for ever. I have thought about stopping camping because she will not be there. I know she would want me to continue so I will and hope every one will continue this great time and life style. Get out and enjoy life why you can
Sorry for your loss. We often took Ma and Pa with us . After we lost Pa, we still tried to get Ma to go with us. Sometimes she would but insist on paying for the gas.  After filling up the diesel coach with 75 gallons of diesel. she would give me $40 and tell me to just keep the rest. God bless her, we still talk every day but she won't go much any more.
JIGGS, sorry for your loss. Both my parents and in laws are gone now, in fact, I'm now older that either of my parents were when they died. I remember them promising each other all the things they would do and places they would go "when they retired." That was the motivating factor for us to buy our MH this past Spring. My husband had a health issue so I took early retirement, just so we can 'go make some memories' while we still can. Bless you for posting your message.

So sorry for your loss...we bought a second camper and leased a second seasonal sites so my parents could go with us.  They camped with us a few times this year and were thankfully camping with us when the derecho hit last June.  When they are not coming down, we invite other friends and family to enjoy the "guest cottage" and we have been able to take part in several "first time" experiences for folks.

The first travel trailer I bought was my older brother's.  His MS had progressed far enough that he couldn't really set up and break down camp very easily, even with his 15 year old daughter helping.  He loves the mountains, so he bought a cabin in the mountains of WV and sold us the trailer.  He still gets away and it is much easier on him than camping was.

The "get up and go" attitude of your mother has not only impacted you, but it will touch everyone you impact as well.  Nothing can make this time easier for you, but know my thoughts are with you.
I also add condolences...
Last summer I took my 84 yr old Mother on her "bucket-list" trip up thru Michigan to the UP and just headed west..stopping where she thought it was interesting..when we got to the Pacific we went south..'when we got back to Michigan we had been 6 months and 7K miles...it's all she talks about and wants to do another jaunt going east...
This was probably been the best gift I have ever given her...and in truth I had a great time too.
I hope this summer to give her that trip...

what great stories I have read on this subject. My only regret was i didn't buy a motor home earlyer so we could have more memories In fact she was the reason I bought my first one
I brought home a RV trader just to look at. Mom asked what I was up to now. Knowing she hated when I would buy something. I said I am thinking of buying a motorhome . now i know she is going to have a blow out for me spending money.That's when she informed me that was her and my dads dream to have one. It ended up to be the best backfiring joke I have ever had.
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