Impressive-rig sighting

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Mar 17, 2005
Payson AZ
Today here in N Wilsonville OR (exit 286 on I-5, couple blocks north of CW) I saw the most interesting rig.  The towed was a simple trailer, maybe 28' long.  The tow piece had a tractor section that looked like a big semi tractor, and onto it was built a piece that looked like a toy hauler.  The interesting part was over the cab.  They had a large, red SUV hanging, slanted face down up there, like you see on car haulers. 

I was driving on Boones Ferry/Elligsen, and they were entering I-5 southbound, so I didn't get a photo. 



Sep 29, 2006
Jacksonville, FL
Years ago you used to see household goods movers (i.e. the Mayflower and United Van Lines owner-operators) who would have a car carrier section that was just over the cab, but that's pretty rare now.  Darned if I know how they load those things, however, and I used to own a company that hauled boats, so we did our own share of weird loading.

Anywho, if you really, really want one I am sure that I can hook you up with a namufacturer  8)
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