Inexpensive windshield wipers

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Sep 30, 2009
When I first bought my MH it was in need of a couple windshield wipers.  I checked around at the local auto parts stores and Walmart and noticed they were selling for around $30 each.  I didn't buy any.  Later I was at Costco and noticed they had some for around $7.00 each.  I bought a couple and have used them for a couple years.  Tomorrow I'm going to buy two more for back ups.  It was such a good deal, I thought people on this forum should be aware of it.
I don't know, but they work good and that's all I'm concerned about.  I may pick some up tomorrow and I will let you know.
What size are they?  And what sizes does Costco carry and for what price?
I just checked Costco yesterday and they go up to 28".  Like was posted: $7.  Cool Beans!  I did not pick 'em up because I'd like to measure the ones on my Allegro first.  I think they are a lot longer than that, but am not sure.  Last set I ordered direct from Tiffin.  Don't recall the cost.  If you can use 28", this deal at Costco is an steal!

One thing to note: If you keep them covered when parked and slightly off the glass they can last a long time.
I used foam pipe insulation to cover them and tennis balls under the arms to keep them off the glass and mine are ten years old and still work great.

It's probably time to get some new ones though - just in case.
Th last set I purchased was $1.50 or so. They were 10% of orginal price due to store close out when K Mart closed here in town.  :)
The idea of the foam piping insulation works fine. I have used it for the last ten years and this is the first change out. The sun here in florida is murder on rubber of any kind.

Jerry Groah
Rock Auto has Anco and AC Delco metal framed wipers for around $3.00, and refills for the Anco ones for less than that.

I replace wipers every six months instead of waiting for the degradation in performance to become noticeable.
I just bought two 26" Goodyear wipers from our local Costco for just over $5 each.  They were on a special.  The everyday price is over $7 each.  It looks like some people on the Forum are getting a better deal than I am.  Regardless it seems like a good deal to me.  I noticed the largest size wipers are 28". 
What have folks paid for 32 inch wipers and where. One of mine tore just as a heavy rain stopped here in FL.  After leaving the Good Sam Samboree in Palaka I stopped at Alliance RV for a few repairs and asked for new wipers.  Two wipers, 32 inch frameless HS at $59,80 each plus $21.25 labor.  Total cost: $140.85.  My you know what twiched in the seat all the way home to St Pete.  I will be better prepared next time.
Has anyone checked at say NAPA for just the refills?  I have picked up refills for the 26 inch.  Not hard to install if all you need is new rubber.

My MH has 26" blades but I got the Goddyear 28" blades from Cosco.  Good price and I like the extra coverage.
Howard R said:
Has anyone checked at say NAPA for just the refills?  I have picked up refills for the 26 inch.  Not hard to install if all you need is new rubber.

Most of the parts places around here have quit carrying refills.  The problem is that the refills are now specific to the wiper arm type, mainly due to differences in widths, and since those are replaced often people end up with with refills that don't fit and blame the parts place. 
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