Installing an Inverter Aftemarket

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Sep 13, 2005
Does anyone have any experience with installing an inverter on a Holiday Rambler coach aftermarket?? I am trying to figure out how to run the wires to the power box on the back wall of the bedroom?

Ken & Sheila

Site Team
Mar 5, 2005
S Dakota
Call Monaco Tech line. The number is in your manual. If there is a way the techs can tell you. Actually, depending on when the coach was manufactured and if an inverter was an option the wires may already be in place. With an inverter, Monaco typically puts in two panels in the bedroom. One is serviced by "shore" power or the generator. It normally feeds the AC's, and any high amp devices such as aquahot heating elementand the washer/dryer. This box also feeds power to the inverter (usually two 30 amp circuits). The second box is fed by the inverter and has circuits that power all the domestic outlets, TVs and the refrigerator. Now the inverters are generally 2000 to 2500 watts so you have to be selective as to what to run on the inverter. (Note: when boondocking make sure you force the refrigerator to gas).

Again call the Tech line and get a complete 120volt wiring schematic. Make sure you know what you are doing. A solid knowledge of electrical circuits is essential, but there are some deviations on the inverter side when it comes to isolating the neutral and the ground.


good luck.
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