Installing Tekonsha Prodigy Brake Controller in 2006 GMC HD2500

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Dec 24, 2006
San Antonio, Florida
Parts required: GM "Z82" 5 wire pigtail lead, Tekonsha 4 wire pigtail lead, automatic reset circuit breaker 12VDC - 20 amp for 1 or 2 axles and 30 amps for 3 or 4 axles.
Photo 1 shows the black plastic cover with the bolt in the center that must be removed. This cover is located where the drivers left leg would be. After removing the nut, there are three hooks, lower right and left and top. To disengage top, press down from top, sides pull outward.
Photo 2 shows the white electrical panel with the center nut cover removed. The GM Z82 pigtail is plugged into the top row, second from the left. Photo 3 shows the two pigtails soldered together with a 12VDC 20 amp automatic reset circuit breaker. I got this part from Radio Shack. The pink square in the photo (lower right) is the 30 amp J fuse. Photo 4 on the 2006 truck, GM very conveniently placed two holes on the lower steel dashboard frame, they match Tekonsha's bracket. Photo 5 shows the under hood electric center on the driver's side fender well. The top row right (fuse out), 30 amp J fuse, identified as "Stud2" for GM Z82 pigtail red wire. Top row left, 40 amp J fuse, identified as "Stud1" supplies pin 4 of 7 pin connector on rear bumper; this is the (B+) 12VDC for the trailer.

The color code for a 2006 truck is as follows:

GM Z82 / Tekonsha

Dark Blue / Dark Blue
Light Blue / Red
Red / Black
Black / White
Brown (tail lights)


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