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Oct 15, 2006
What insurance do most people carry on their trailers or fifth wheels? Does your policy on your tow vehicle cover the comp and collision if you got in an accident.  How do policies cover replacement if you were to lose your trailer in a fire or storm?  I want to make sure I have adequate but not excessive insurance on my fifth wheel.



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Mar 11, 2005
wherever we are parked
I have Progressive's full timer insurance, but I am still looking around.  We pay $1600 a year for it.

It is covered for full replacement value, but your question has me wondering if it is covered by a storm or a fie.  I will have to check.  I feel very ignorant about insurance and hope I never have to use it.

I do know when we broke down a couple months ago, they were all over us wanting to tow it.  But we drove to Bakersfield, Cal and paid in full to have the work done so that our premium would not increase.  I sometimes wonder if we should be self insured.  ???

Gary RV_Wizard

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Feb 2, 2005
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If you are inquiring about a tow vehicle and trailer, the answer is no, the tow vehicle collision & comp insurance does not cover damage to the trailer. However, the tow vehicle liability coverage does cover the trailer as long as it is under tow (including damage caused if the trailer breaks away from the tow vehicle while under way).  Collision & comp for a trailer is generally quite inexpensive, though, when added as a rider to the tow vehicle policy.

As for liability coverage while the trailer is parked, if you own a home and have homeowners insurance (or the equivalent apartment dwellers insurance) you probably have adequate coverage for your personal liability if there should be an accident to a visitor on your campsite or in your trailer. If you don't have such insurance, you may want vacation liability coverage, which is available from companies specializing in RV insurance.

If you are a fulltime RVers and do not own a permanent residence somewhere, you probably should have "fulltimer coverage", which takes the place of the typical homeowner insurance provisions for liability, personal property, etc.
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