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Carolyn Worl

May 4, 2005

I'm Carolyn!  my husband, Clayton and I just bought our first RV.  We got a 2002 26ft Komfort Trailblazer 5th Wheel!!  I already adore it! :)  We have two kids; a 5 year old boy and 18 month old boy.  I can't wait to hit the road and see what experiences our new toy will make for us.
Hi Carolyn and Clayton.

Welcome to our friendly forum. Congratulations on the new Trailblazer - do you have a photo of the 5'er to share with us? I'm sure you and the family will have many happy hours RV'ing.

Meanwhile, feel free to jump into any of the discussions or ask any questions. We'll do our best to get them answered.
Carolyn Worl said:

I'm Carolyn! my husband, Clayton and I just bought our first RV. We got a 2002 26ft Komfort Trailblazer 5th Wheel!! I already adore it! :) We have two kids; a 5 year old boy and 18 month old boy. I can't wait to hit the road and see what experiences our new toy will make for us.

Hi Carolyn and Clayton and family. ?Welcome to the RV Forum. ?We are happy to see you here and hope that you make this your RVing home on-line. ?You will find that we have a very friendly group here that we refer to as "framily", a word coined by Betty Brewer, one of our members. ?It's a combination of "friends" and "family" and tells the tale of how we all relate to each other here.

Your new to you Komfort Trailblazer 5th wheel sounds like just the ticket for your family. ?Do you plan to use it primarily as a vacation vehicle or do you plan to full-time in it?

What part of the country do you live in? ?Will you get a chance to get "out west" to enjoy the beautiful scenery of places like Yosemite NP, Sequoia NP, Redwoods NP, Glacier NP, Monument Valley, etc.? ?Although there are many beautiful areas in the eastern US, for sheer grandeur and wide open spaces the west can't be beat ?;D ;D.
Thank you to both of you.

We're in California, near Sacramento. 

My husband has been itching to buy a travel trailer and being a tow truck driver for 10 years, he said that a 5th wheel towed best.  I could less either way. :)  A few weeks ago we had a change to go to Sandmountain near Fallon, NV (we're both 27 years old).  Well, we tent camped; in the sand!  with strong winds!  to say the least I wasn't all that much of a happy camper.  ::)  I told him, "We need to buy the 5th wheel!!!!".  So!  having "permission" he started looking.  We didn't have our heart set on anything in particular, just had to be a 5th wheel with a slide out and lots of room!  Have to have room with 2 little boys running around.  So last Sunday we headed off to Sacramento and looked at 5th wheels.  We checked out about 5 or 6, stepped into the Trailblazer and just KNEW!  We so excited to have it!!!  And of course, being a woman, I can't wait to go shopping for all the stuff to put IN it!!!!

We'll be using it for weekend/long weekend camping trips.  I would ADORE being a full-timer, but he likes his job.  Maybe some day.  :D
Welcome to the RV Forum, Carolyn and Clayton!

We'll be looking forwad to hearing about your new Trailblazer!  How do you plan to arrange the sleeping accomodation for the 18 month old?
Hi Carolyn.

We're not very far from you - approx 30 minutes west of Stockton. We're currently with a number of other forumites at a forum rally in Moab, Utah.
Carolyn and Clayton,

Welcome to the RV Forum.  Congratulations on the new trailer.  Sounds like you are enjoying it already.  Please join in any of the discussions or start new discussions relating to the RV lifestyle.

again, thanks for the welcomes :)

steve...either put both kids on the table or couch.  they sleep well together.  or we'll put the baby next to the mattress in the bedroom area.

And Tom, we're north of Sacramento in Woodland. :)  I was wondering where Moab was though!!

>>we're north of Sacramento in Woodland.<<

Welcome to the group.? I have a brother and Sister in law there so we do get there once in a while.? I'll try to rmember to E-Mail you before we get there so we can get together for coffee or ??

Probably be a year or two before we get there though!? VBG


that's cool!  my husband and his family are from here.  his dad used to own the Chevy dealership in town.  now, they own the AAA towing company.  my husband and i both work for his family.

has your brother and sister in law lived here long?  do you think they'd be anyone we may know??

Welcome Carolyn and Clayton!

I am fairly new here also.  This is a great family you have joined.  There is so much that can be learned here.

I got into RVing in similar fashion to you and Clayton.  Back in 2003 I decided to take a long trip out west to visit an old friend of mine in Idaho I had not seen in ten years. I thought I'd go out in my Dodge van and take a tent with me.  Tried some practice camping in the western Maryland mountains.  My first night out I had to set up in the pouring rain.  I used to love tents when I was in my 20s.  I found out it is an entirely different story in my 60s.  I can't even easily get in and out of a tent if I take my shoes off, which was a must for keeping dirt out.  My joints just don't like all that.

On my way back from practice camping, bought a 30 foot travel trailer.  That is what I took on my ten week trip out west and I loved it.  Now my wife and I have decided to full time.

Best wishes to you and Clayton.  Trust me, this step you are taking will eventually lead to full timing!  ;D
Smoky said:
Trust me, this step you are taking will eventually lead to full timing! ;D

Don't be too sure Smoky. Fulltiming isn't for everyone. We've RV'd in the USA for 20 years, but the early dream of one day fulltiming faded a long time ago. At this point, we're both retired, but neither of us has any desire to fulltime. OTOH I can fully understand how fulltimers like the lifestyle. It's just not for us.
*laughing* Smoky.  thanks for helping me keep my dream! :D  my husband has NO desire to full time...YET! ;)
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