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Oct 12, 2012

My name is Gary and I live in the panhandle of West Virginia.  I am very new to RVing, in fact I have taken the plunge in a big way.  I recently purchased a 99 Winnebago Chieftain,  it is the 34Y.  Its in the driveway while I am learning how to operate the systems. Here is the issue, this is the very first motorhome, travel trailer or camper I have owned.  I am 63 and if you are wondering why now,  I have a ninety year old father who would like to visit relatives and given the nature of his illness a motorhome is the prefect mode of transportion and living arrangement.  My love is motorcycles I have toured most of the eastern half of the US. So travel is enjoyable and I will combine both motorcycle riding and the use of the motorhome. One problem is I find the operations manual lacking, There is no switch diagram showing location and what it operates.  When looking at the RV even the sales person had difficulty knowing what switch did what,  It was trail and error on both our parts.  I know from using forums in the motorcycle world there is a wealth of knowledge and a shared liking for the bikes we ride and I hope to find it here as well with Motorhomes. 

Thank you for allowing me to be part of this forum and to pick your brains from time to time.
Hello, Gary, and welcome to the RV Forum.  Congratulations on getting the RV and joining the RVing community.

The owner manuals are typically lacking in specifics - the RV manufacturers don't spend much time/money on that. The dealer is supposed to show you how to operate it, but they don't always do a decent job either (as you have found).  We can probably help, so feel free to ask questions. Maybe even post some pictures of dash board switches and the various control panels and water control valves, so we can help point out what is what.
Im surprised Gary didn't refer you to the message board that deals specifically with "Winnebago" matters.
You are bound to find the answers to all your questions there.
Good Luck and Ride Safe
Yes, the Winnebago board would be a good place to post your questions, but many of the systems and most of the appliances are very much common to all Rvs, so others can and will help as well.
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