Introducing Mike, Former Park Ranger

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Mar 6, 2005
Four Corners Area of Colorado
Hi all,  ::)

Figured it was time for me to post my info.

The name is Mike & I retired from the National Park Sevice after being a Park Ranger for 13 years.
I have been married to Wendy for almost 32 years.
Our first RV was a custom built 1983 35 Ft Kountry Aire Fifth Wheel.
We sold our house & moved into the FW & traveled for a few months. I had applied to The National Park Service to be a seasonal Park Ranger& we were waiting to see if I would get a job offer. I was offered a job at Scottys Castle in Death Valley while we were in Florida, so drove back across the county to Scottys. We lived in the FW for 18 months while I worked at Scottys.
Our next move was back accross the US back to Florida where I worked at Gulf Islands National Seashore (Fort Pickens).
We live in a Campground in Gluf Breeze for 6 months during my tome at Fort Pickens. My Next Job was at Shark Valley in Everglads NP. We lived in Homestead in a RV park for 7 months. Just before my season ended there I got a full time job back at Scottys Castle, so it was time to Drive the FW back accross the US to Death Valley. Once we arrive at Scotty we were offered one of the apartment which we took & that was the last of our living full time in the FW. After Scottys I took a job at San Antonio Missions National Historical Park in San Antonio, Texas. We di end up living in the FW for about 2 month while we looked for a place to live.
After spending 18 months at the Missions I took the job at Hovenweep National Monument. Before leaving Texas we traded in the truck & FW for a 1987 Coachmen 23 ft Class C. We drove the Coachmen from Texas to Hovenweep where we ended up staying for 5 years. In 1995 I was retired with a medicial retirement. we moved into Cortez Co where we still live.
In Nov 2004 we bought a new 2004 Winnebago Sightseer 27C I found searching the internet. I thing we got a good deal on the Sightseer it was 28% off list price. We put for sale signs in the Coachmen's windows & it sold Friday 3/11.

While I was with the NPS I had 2 of my Photographs made into stamps for the National Parks Passport books.
The First was a pic of Scottys Castle & the second was a Pic of Hovenweep

My main hobbys are Collecting Coca-Cola Memorabilia, Photography, Playing with/on the computer& RVing.
Wendy's are Scrapbooking, taking pictures & aslo Collecting Coca-Cola Memorabilia. In fact she is currently the President of The Coca-Cola Collector's Club. We Joined the Club in 1978 & have not missed one of the Club's National Conventions since we joined. The Club has over 4000 members world-wide.

Well I guess I have rambled on long enough.
Looking forward to meet some of you all in Moab


Jan 13, 2005
Hi Mike

I was wondering when you'd introduce yourself? ;D

In case folks don't make the ocnnection, Mike is the guy who has graciously offered to be our guide for a trip to Hovenweep National Monument during the upcoming Moab rally. Here's the info for those attanding the rally.


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Jan 29, 2005
Home is where we park it
Hi Mike,

Welcome to the RV Forum.? Like Tom I was wondering when you would introduce yourself.? I would like to thank you for your offer to provide a guided tour to Hovenweep National Monument during the Moab rally.? Sam & I are looking forward to that trip.

Interesting hobby collecting Coca-Cola Memorabilia.? My son and DIL are heavy into collecting Coca-Cola Memorabilia.? I think my son started that while in college.? He had some glass Coke bottles he had taken back from Japan with the coke wrriten in kanji.? I'm not sure they are in the The Coca-Cola Collector's Club.

We are looking forward to meeting you at Moab.

Steve CDN

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Jan 31, 2005
Welcome Mike...glad to have your participation in the RV forum.  Your expertise will certainly be welcome here!

Check out some of the quickstart files in Forum Tips,  then after you've had an opportunity to look around, please respond to our poll


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Jan 29, 2005

We are delighted to see you and Wendy here on the RV Forum.  I'm sure your NP service experience will be appreciated by those who ask about staying in NPs,  Your Coke memorabilia hobby sounds interesting.  Feel free to jump in to any conversation or start one of your own.

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